Unicab. Since 1967.

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More than 50 years of history in:
⇨ Marketing Research
⇨ Social & Media Research
⇨ Customer Experience

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Unicab Philosophy


Theoretical Side:

⇨ Methodological Accuracy

⇨ Methodological Accuracy

⇨ Continued Relation with Top-Rated Universities to Apply always Advanced, Reliable, and Scientifically Based Research-Techniques

Operational Side:

⇨ Professional Accuracy

⇨ Partnership with Customers for the Continous Development of Tools Able to Turn Research Results in Executive Live-Actions and Strategical Decisions for Business Improvement

⇨ Taylor Made Approach instead of Standardized Products and Apps



Our Services

Marketing Research

⇨ Brand / Product image and postioning

⇨ Brand / Product Awareness 

⇨ Market Opportunities Identification

⇨ New Brand / Product / Services Launch and Pre-Launch surveys

⇨ Purchasing Behaviour Analysis of Prospect Customers






Customer Experience

Quality Surveys, CSI Surveys and NPS Surveys:

⇨ CSI Product, Quality Product, Quality Tracking

⇨ CSI Sales, Purchasing and Sales Quality: total market and individual network-point

⇨ CSI Service, Aftersales and Services Quality: total market and individual network-point


Loyalty Surveys:

⇨ Brand Loyalty

⇨ Product Loyalty

⇨ Network Impact on Loyalty

Social & Media Research

Area of Concerns:

⇨ TV / Radio Audience Ratings

⇨ Tourism Development Plans

⇨ Telecommunications

⇨ Social, Economic, and Health Research

⇨ Political Polls

⇨ Opinion Polls

⇨ Institutional Surveys





Dynamic Dashboard

Web Tool Development and management of web tools for the strategic analysis of corporate data from any source:

⇨ Action Plan Monitoring and Management

⇨ Customer Experience

⇨ Data Merging Apps

⇨ Forecast Simulator Apps

⇨ Priority Analysis

⇨ Product / Service Quality Tracking

⇨ Promotional Campaign Redemption

⇨ Service H24 Management


Simulation System for dynamic management and control of:

⇨ Forecast

⇨ Incentive System

⇨ Marketing Campaign Effects

⇨ Rewarding Campaigns








Advisoring – Consulting – Strategy

Unicab merges research activities with the analysis and interpretation of data in order to provide its client with support and advice for:

⇨ The choice of the optimal marketing strategies

⇨ The creation of a prediction model consistent with the results of the surveys and market trends






Expertise and Customers


Unicab in over 50 years of activity has gained important experience in the following sectors:

⇨ Automotive

⇨ Bike and Scooter

⇨ Industrial / Commercial Vehicles and Bus

⇨ Machinery

⇨ Agricultural Machines and Construction Equipment

⇨ Consumers and Retails

⇨ Purchasing Process

⇨ Banking and Insurance

⇨ Telecommunications

⇨ Internet, New Media and Social Media

⇨ Mass Media (Press / Radio / TV)

⇨ Istitutional Research

⇨ Airplane Transport

⇨ Rail Transport

⇨ Naval Transport

⇨ Urban Transport

⇨ Tourism and Hospitality

⇨ Opinion Polls

Unicab. One Step Ahead

Thanks to a strong tendency towards technological and methodological innovation and thanks to the critical evaluation of models and methodologies, Unicab has produced:

⇨ New Indicators

⇨ New Methods

⇨ New tools


Milestones in the history of Unicab. One Step Ahead

 1971  – Application to Marketing research of Multivariate Analysis programs

 1981  – Launch of the CATI Method for conducting interviews. Software developed in collaboration with the Creazione del Sapienza University of Rome Computing Center

 1987  – Creation of the proprietary Computing Center, inside the Unicab structure

 1991  – Launch of the SISIPHO application in the Automotive and Telecommunication sectors for management of multiple users CSI survey reporting

 1995  – «Quality Tracking Product» research in the automotive. Development of the Electronic Logbook to detect the evaluation of users in connection with the vehicle electronic control units.


 2003  – First applications of Business Intelligence systems to offer a unitary and integrated data management and interpretation deriving from different sources

 2011  – Launch of the Shopper Feedback for the management of the sales activity in the automotive sector

 2014  – Evolution of the Shopper feedback in the PDD (Prospect Dynamic Detector)

 2017  – Production of Business Intelligence Dashboard, dynamic-real-time-interactive

 2018  – Production of Business Intelligence Dashboard, dynamic-real-time-interactive

 2019  – Development of CAMI and CAWI techniques, renewed to the smartphones and social networks era. No longer static and monolithic questionnaires, but a surveying technique light, dynamic and up to date.


Unicab. Partnership Model

UNICAB added value: Transparent-Partnership Model with its customers:

⇨ Shared Survey’s Techniques

⇨ Service Level Agreement, Transparency and Flexibility

⇨ System Integration

⇨ Strategic Advice

⇨ Partnership and pro-active sharing of customer targets

⇨ Shared Research Management



Unicab Italia

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since 1967

ESOMAR Associate
since 1970

ASSIRM Founder and Associate since 1991

ISO 9001 Certification
N. 4723

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